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Drupal Support

Why do I need Drupal Support and Maintenance

Having the proper Drupal support and maintenance services help ensure a scalable, reliable and a high performing website that offers an optimal user experience.

Drupal, Being a robust Content Management System (CMS) runs enterprise level websites around the world. This advanced Content Management System (CMS) offers full flexibility to organize and manage website content. Our Drupal support and maintenance service is the right solution for all your problems related to the security and reliability of your website. Lightning Development offers quick and precise support as well as maintenance solutions for Drupal websites and applications.

A regularly updated website with fresh and relevant content is more likely to draw user interaction and list higher in search engine results than one which is not regularly updated.

If your website is regularly updated, then it is more likely to get more volume as well as loyal customers. Let Lightning development provide you with support for any issue related to the site performance, maintenance, etc. and get them resolved in a short period of time. We implement cutting-edge technologies to maintain your site in terms of functionalities, security, features and more.

Best Practices For Maintenance Of Your Drupal Website


Review and analyze the architecture regularly

  • Review the logs regularly, including Drupal, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Maintain independent environments for various stages of website and update them on the regular basis.
  • Keep the code under version control
  • Provide access to the production website to the trusted users


Avoid these common mistakes on your Drupal website:


  • Using Version control to track changes and help pinpoint issues is one of the things inexperienced developers often overlook, VCS it the best way to provide backups and restore to previous versions when an outage occurs.
  • Storing irrelevant files or sensitive configuration information in the version control system repository should be avoided. Instead, keep the VCS clean and precise.
  • Never upload files to the production via FTP. Rather, the deployment should come from VCS repository.
  • Having a proper development workflow which includes a Development, Testing and Production environments is vital to site stability and reduction of outages. Making changes should never be done on a production environment.
  • not keeping core as well as contributed modules up-to-date. You must implement latest code to maintain the security and integrity of your website.
  • Keeping your workflow in sync, your development workflow should mirror production at the start of every change or function add. Missing functionality or having an obsolete development environment can lead to missing or lost data and well as security concerns and site outages.





Our Drupal support and maintenance services take care of all the issues related to your Drupal based website, including site monitoring, security audits, regular website backups, Drupal upgradation, performance optimization, content updates and customization, bug fixing, module configuration and many more.

Let's get started on the right path to a stable secure and error free website.


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